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Mould industry often says the first sentence: the core of manufacturing industry is die, the core of die is die design. This shows the position of die design in the whole manufacturing industry. After all, die design is the mother of industry, and we can not live without the products of the die.

This industry has a long history and will not lag behind at present. It is learning more and more deeply and its technical requirements are getting higher and higher. With the development of the die industry, the electromechanical integration die is becoming the mainstream of the die. In the future, a set of die is a small production line, or even a factory.

To understand the development of mould industry, different people and different organizations may give different opinions in different aspects. Newcomers who are just beginning to learn moulds will be confused, don't know how to learn, do repetitive things every day, a little dirty, a little messy, and a little boring. Sometimes they don't necessarily get answers from their teachers in the workshop, so they still rely more on themselves to explore and explore. In most cases, you need to spend more time drilling. Research other people's mold design methods, summarize one of their own design methods.

The demand for talents of domestic machinery manufacturing specialty has led to the development of the discipline. The subdivision of specialty in Colleges and universities is more accurate. There are also many posts available for graduates with mechanical specialty background, such as mechanical computer aided design, mechanical process tooling design, construction machinery manufacturing, numerical control programming, operation of modern processing equipment, and so on. Management and maintenance work, in addition to machinery and equipment marketing and after-sales service is also the job choice of many graduates. Graduates'future career development positions mainly include mechanical computer aided designers, mechanical technicians, numerical control programmers, workshop technicians, equipment management and maintenance personnel.

There are more and more graduates in the die and mould industry. Every year, tens of thousands of graduates increase. This also leads to saturation of talents and increased competitiveness. Especially for the new graduates, it is difficult to find jobs. What is the proportion of the importance of graduate education background in the mould industry? Let's take the special edition as an example to talk about my personal views.

Specialist: Go to the school, affirm that theoretical knowledge is indispensable, but the specialist may be partial to actual combat, more practical operation, in school may be a good combination of theory and practice, so later into the actual work, start faster, may be more favored by some enterprises, less a lot of training into. Ben. In the die industry, most of the graduates are qualified.

Undergraduate: In school, we mainly study various theoretical basis, including mechanics, materials and other theoretical basis systems, mainly laying a solid theoretical foundation for the follow-up practical operation (of course, there are some practical operations, this operation may see what the machine looks like at the most, mainly experience), on the software. Some knowledge can't be applied immediately when it comes to work. The theory alone may be the so-called armchair talk. But if the company can have a perfect training system, plus I can work hard, in a few years, I believe it will be a mold talent. In recent years, colleges and universities will pay more attention to this topic and introduce more virtual reality education and training equipment, which also benefits from the vigorous promotion of domestic manufacturers. The VR simulation teaching and training system commonly used in Fenghuangyi, Xiamen, is typical and commonly used.

In addition to vocational and technical schools, or fixed-post training schools, they can start directly after entering the factory, at least equivalent to half a year's apprenticeship work. New graduates from other colleges or undergraduate schools should receive on-the-job training honestly after they enter the factory. Mold industry, knowledge or quite a lot, of course, a high degree, understanding and acceptance of fast; primary school culture, if only by experience, craftsmanship, even basic plane geometry has not been systematically learned, how can we adapt to the rapid development of the digital age?

Summary: Mould education at home deviates too much from reality, either from practice (specialty) or from theory. In fact, basic theory is very important for mould design. Material science, heat treatment, mechanical design, tolerance coordination and electrical knowledge are all designed, but these theories can not be relied on school education. Therefore, in order to become a big coffee in the die and mould industry, no one dares to say that they are all-rounder, and striving for excellence and specialty is the kingdom. Undergraduates and specialists are indifferent. Only with basic theory, psychological preparation for hardship, determination to work by hand and a shameless attitude of asking questions can they develop in this industry. Come on.

The layout of domestic mould industry, China's mould industry mainly concentrated in three areas (in fact, not only die, the main force of mechanical manufacturing), Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu Province, in the narrowing scope is the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong, Wenzhou of Zhejiang and Kunshan of Jiangsu. The companies, industries and resources in these three places belong to the gathering place of China's mould industry. But even so, in the whole die industry, there is no standard to say how the die is good or bad.

Mold as the mother of industry, its value is reflected in products.

In the early 1980s, many people learned moulds in order to be a handicraft, so that they would not starve to death in the future. With the progress of technology, they gradually accumulated practical experience.

By the 1990s and the 1990s, the rapid development of the die and mould industry had brought indelible contributions to China's economy; these people were pioneers in the die and mould industry, and their quality was characterized by their exceptional hardship and learning ability.

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